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    ‘If life throws you a lemon,

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    Joan Collins

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About Us

Who we are?

Our Mission

The FreshBike team is composed of young and creative people whose main aim is to live in harmony with nature as the highest value. Health constitutes inspiration for us that defines ideas and directions for further development.

Global Responsibility

Since the very beginning we have been trying to minimize the influence of our operations on natural environment. We apply state-of-the-art technology in the form of photovoltaic panels as well as our own system of cooling that guarantees zero-emission of toxic compounds into the atmosphere.


Based on our up-to-date experience we bear in mind that transparency of rules and their observance constitute the most important factor that ensures fruitful partnership.


Neither a bird, nor a goat. It’s FreshBike


Lemonade for the whole bunch!
We probably all know the taste of lemonade. It is extremely popular with kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. It is refreshing and has good influence on our health. It is delicious and timeless. Lemonade is the biggest enemy of summer heats. It is cooling, refreshing and quenches thirst. On cooler days, when heated up and served with a pinch of ginger it offers incredible warming up properties. Only fresh Lemonade does not requires preservatives and additives increasing the intensity of taste and aroma.


    A real lip twister. We all know its sour taste but not many people know that it has numerous other properties that have good influence on our health and beauty.



    Everybody likes sweet drinks but the ultimate sweetness can only be experienced in natural cane sugar. It has no chemical pigments and aromas.



    Intriguing from the outside, fresh and spicy inside. Ginger has many favourable properties. It warms you up, improves blood circulation and facilitates digestion.



    Just feel it! It is always fresh, reviving and refreshing. That is why we add it to our Lemonade. It is an amazing herb with plenty of applications not only limited to making tea.


Join us and earn with your own FreshBike


Do you like bicycles, fresh air and the refreshing taste of lemonade? And maybe you simply wish to invest in a good business? If so, you are at a good place. Join the FRESH BIKE and run your own Lemonade Business in your neighbourhood.

The Fresh Bike is a network of mobile points of sales of Lemonade. Our clients, thanks to unique Fresh Bikes, can get fresh Lemonade at a market, in a park, in a street or on a tourist mall. The point is mobile, and the Rider judges the attractiveness of a particular place themselves. Running sales does not require shop or surface rental. For the preparation of Lemonade we only apply carefully selected, natural and always fresh ingredients which guarantee good taste and freshness.

Fresh Bike Group network is developing thanks to the franchise method i.e. granting licenses for running mobile points of sales to natural and legal persons by Fresh Bike sp. z o.o. If you are interested in this kind of cooperation please contact us today and join the Fresh Bike. Read more...

Your Comments

Your comments
  • Opinia 1

    Lemonade is incredibly refreshing and surprises with its taste. The way of making it is really unique. I wish you every luck!

    Martin, age 28
  • Opinia 2

    An excellent idea and a marvelous design. There has never been something like that in our beautiful country before. You are bound to become incredibly successful.

    Karol, age 31
  • Opinia 3

    I have never seen anything like that before. This lemonade is really delicious! Just perfect for the summer.

    Marta, age 21
  • Opinia 4

    Delicious and healthy, that’s what it is. Not only for hot days. I usually don’t drink any lemonade but homemade but as soon as I noticed fresh mint and lemon I simply couldn’t resist it!

    Wioleta, age 31

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All interested in the FreshBike project are invited to cooperation. We offer a wide form of cooperation based on the franchise system. We operate in the territory of Poland and European Union. Contact us and start your operation today!

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